65W Original Adapter voor Notebook Hp Envy ultrabook 4 Series (19.5V 3.3A 4.8X1.7mm) *Gebruikt* Used {ORHP195333H48OU} * Adapter Lader Laptop Adapter Lader HP Compaq


65W Original Adapter for Notebook Hp Envy ultrabook 4 Series (19.5V 3.3A 4.8X1.7mm) *Gebruikt* Used [ORHP195333H48OU] kopen

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Meer informatie over 65W Original Adapter voor Notebook Hp Envy ultrabook 4 Series (19.5V 3.3A 4.8X1.7mm) *Gebruikt* Used {ORHP195333H48OU}

This original notebook adapter delivers : 19.5V X 3.3A 65W

Connectors: 4.8mmX1.7mm (ref to the picture)

*Gebruikt* Used

Part nr: 613149-001,677774-003, 693715?00, 677770-001 ,DL606A#ABA, PPP009C,

PPP009D, 677770-003, 613149-003, ADP-65HB FC,677770-002, 693715-001

This model is applicable to the following notebook models:

Hp envy 4 sleekbook pc 4- 1005xx

Hp envy 4 sleekbook pc 4- 1043cl

Hp envy 4-1004tu pc nb

Hp envy 4-1025tu pc nb

Hp envy 4-1026tu pc nb

Hp envy 4-1028tu pc ultrabook

Hp envy 4-1029tu pc ultrabook

Hp envy 4-1030tu sleekbook pc

Hp envy 4-1031tu pc ultrabook

Hp envy 4-1032tu sleekbook pc

Hp envy 4-1032tx pc nb

Hp envy 4-1033tx pc nb

Hp envy 4-1034tx pc nb

Hp envy 4-1035tx pc nb

Hp envy 4-1036tx sleekbook pc

Hp envy 4-1037tx sleekbook pc

Hp envy 4-1038tx pc ultrabook

Hp envy 4-1043tu sleekbook pc

Hp envy 4-1044tu sleekbook pc

Hp envy 4-1045tu pc ultrabook

Hp envy 4-1046tu sleekbook pc

Hp envy 4-1047tu sleekbook pc

Hp envy 4-1048tu pc ultrabook

Hp envy 4-1049tu sleekbook pc

Hp envy 4-1050br pc nb

Hp envy 4-1050tu pc ultrabook

Hp envy 4-1051tu pc ultrabook

Hp envy 4-1051tx pc ultrabook

Hp envy 4-1052tu pc ultrabook

Hp envy 4-1052tx pc ultrabook

Hp envy 4-1053tu pc ultrabook

Hp envy 4-1053tx pc ultrabook

Hp envy 4-1054tu nb hk pc

Hp envy 4-1054tx pc ultrabook

Hp envy 4-1055tu sleekbook pc

Hp envy 4-1055tx sleekbook pc

Hp envy 4-1056tx pc ultrabook

Hp envy 4-1057tx pc ultrabook

Hp envy 4-1058tx sleekbook pc

Hp envy 4-1059tx sleekbook pc

Hp envy 4-1060tx pc ultrabook

Hp envy 4-1061tx pc ultrabook

Hp envy 4-1062tx sleekbook pc

Hp envy 4-1063tx sleekbook pc

Hp envy 4-1064tx sleekbook pc

Hp envy 4-1066tx sleekbook pc

Hp envy 4-1101tu sleekbook pc

Hp envy 4-1102tu sleekbook pc

Hp envy 4-1102tx nbindia pc

Hp envy 4-1103tu nbindia pc

Hp envy 4-1103tx nbindia pc

Hp envy 4-1104tu nbindia pc

Hp envy 4-1104tx nbindia pc

Hp envy 4-1105dx nb us pc

Hp envy 4-1105tu pc ultrabook

Hp envy 4-1105tx nbindia pc

Hp envy 4-1106tx pc ultrabook

Hp envy 4-1107tu nb aust pc

Hp envy 4-1107tx sleekbook pc

Hp envy 4-1108tu pc ultrabook

Hp envy 4-1108tx sleekbook pc

Hp envy 4-1109tu pc ultrabook

Hp envy 4-1109tx nb aust pc

Hp envy 4-1110tu pc ultrabook

Hp envy 4-1110tx pc ultrabook

Hp envy 4-1110us pc cuaderno

Hp envy 4-1111tx pc ultrabook

Hp envy 4-1115dx pc cuaderno

Hp envy 4-1117nr pc cuaderno

Hp envy 4-1130us pc cuaderno

Hp envy 4-1150br pc nb

Hp envy 4-1150la pc nb

Hp envy 4-1152la pc nb

Hp envy 4-1155la pc nb

Hp envy 4-1200 Series

Hp envy 6-1002tu pc nb

Hp envy 6-1007tx pc nb

Hp envy 6-1008tx pc nb

Hp envy 6-1011tu pc nb

Hp envy 6-1012tu pc nb

Hp envy 6-1013tu pc nb

Hp envy 6-1013tx sleekbook pc

Hp envy 6-1014tu pc nb

Hp envy 6-1015tu pc nb

Hp envy 6-1015tx pc ultrabook

Hp envy 6-1016tu pc nb

Hp envy 6-1017tu pc nb

Hp envy 6-1017tx pc ultrabook

Hp envy 6-1018tu pc ultrabook

Hp envy 6-1018tx pc ultrabook

Hp envy 6-1019tu pc ultrabook

Hp envy 6-1019tx pc ultrabook

Hp envy 6-1020tu sleekbook pc

Hp envy 6-1021tu pc ultrabook

Hp envy 6-1022tu pc ultrabook

Hp envy 6-1022tx pc ultrabook

Hp envy 6-1023tx pc ultrabook

Hp envy 6-1024tu sleekbook pc

Hp envy 6-1024tx pc ultrabook

Hp envy 6-1025tu pc ultrabook

Hp envy 6-1025tx nb hk pc

Hp envy 6-1026tu pc ultrabook

Hp envy 6-1101tu pc ultrabook

Hp envy 6-1101tx sleekbook 6 pc

Hp envy 6-1102tu pc ultrabook

Hp envy 6-1102tx sleekbook 6 pc

Hp envy 6-1103tx sleekbook 6 pc

Hp envy 6-1110us pc cuaderno

Hp envy 6-1129wm pc cuaderno

Hp envy 6-1131nr pc cuaderno

Hp envy 6-1140ca sleekbook pc

Hp envy 6-1146nr pc cuaderno

Hp envy 6-1168ca sleekbook pc

Hp envy 6-1180ca sleekbook pc

HP ENVY TouchSmart 4-1203ea Sleekbook PC

HP ENVY 6-1200 Ultrabook PC

HP ENVY 6-1201TX Ultrabook PC C9M76PA

HP ENVY 6-1202TX Ultrabook PC C9M77PA

HP ENVY 6-1203TX Ultrabook PC D4B27PA

HP ENVY 6-1204TX Ultrabook PC D4B28PA

HP ENVY 6-1206TX Ultrabook PC D4B51PA

HP ENVY 6-1207TX Ultrabook PC D4B71PA

HP ENVY 6-1208TX Ultrabook PC D4B72PA

HP ENVY 6-1209TX Ultrabook PC D4B73PA

HP ENVY 6-1210TX Ultrabook PC D4B74PA

HP ENVY 6-1211TU Ultrabook PC D4B75PA

HP ENVY 6-1212TU Ultrabook PC D4B76PA

HP ENVY 6-1213TX Ultrabook PC D4B84PA

HP ENVY 6-1214TX Ultrabook PC D4B85PA

HP ENVY 6-1217TX Ultrabook PC D5E92PA

HP ENVY 6-1218TX Ultrabook PC D5F06PA

HP ENVY 6-1219TX Ultrabook PC D5G09PA

HP ENVY 6-1220TX Ultrabook PC D5G15PA

HP ENVY 6-1224TU Ultrabook PC E3A71PA

HP ENVY 6-1225TU Ultrabook PC E3A72PA

HP ENVY 6-1226TX Ultrabook PC E3A68PA

HP ENVY 6-1227TX Ultrabook PC E3A69PA

Hp envy pro4i5-3317u 14.0 4gb/320 pc

Hp envy sleekbook 4- 1010us

Hp envy sleekbook 4- 1016nr

Hp envy sleekbook 4t- 1000

Hp envy sleekbook 4t-1000 refurb

Hp envy sleekbook 6- 1010us

Hp envy sleekbook 6- 1011nr

Hp envy sleekbook 6- 1014nr

Hp envy sleekbook 6- 1015nr

Hp envy sleekbook 6- 1017cl

Hp envy sleekbook 6- 1019nr

Hp envy sleekbook 6- 1021nr

Hp envy sleekbook 6- 1040ca

Hp envy sleekbook 6- 1047cl

Hp envy sleekbook 6- 1048ca

Hp envy sleekbook 6- 1083ca

Hp envy sleekbook 6t-1000 refurb

Hp envy sleekbook 6z- 1000

Hp envy sleekbook 6z-1000 refurb


HP Envy 13-1001tx

HP Envy 13-1001xx

HP Envy 13-1002tx

HP Envy 13-1003xx

HP Envy 13-1004tx

HP Envy 13-1005tx

HP Envy 13-1006tx

HP Envy 13-1007ev

HP Envy 13-1007la

HP Envy 13-1940ez

HP Envy 13t-1000

HP Envy 13-2100ed

Hp envy 13-2157nr notebook pc

Hp envy spectre xt ultrabook 13- 2095ca

Hp envy spectre xt ultrabook 13t- 2000

Hp envy spectrext 13-2150nr notebook

Hp envy spectrext ultrabook pc 13- 2050nr

Hp envy spectrext ultrabook pc 13- 2057nr

Hp touchsmart envidia 4-1195ca p ultrabook

Hp envy ultrabook 4- 1015dx

Hp envy ultrabook 4- 1017nr

Hp envy ultrabook 4- 1019wm

Hp envy ultrabook 4- 1030ca

Hp envy ultrabook 4- 1030us

Hp envy ultrabook 4- 1038nr

Hp envy ultrabook 4- 1050ca

Hp envy ultrabook 6t- 1000

Hp envy ultrabook 6t-1000 refurb

Hp envy4-1106tu nb aust pc

Hp envy 4-1065tx sleekbook pc

Hp envy 6-1111nr notebook pc

HP Envy 13-2000 Series Spectre XT 13-2000

HP ENVY 14t-3100 SPECTRE Series

HP ENVY 14-3100eb 14-3100ed 14-3100ee 14-3100ef 14-3100eg 14-3100el

14-3100en 14-3100eo 14-3100er 14-3100es 14-3100et 14-3100ew 14-3100ex

14-3190la 14t-3100 SPECTRE CTO

HP ENVY 14-3000 SPECTRE Notebook PC Series

HP ENVY 14-3000ea 4-3000eg 14-3000ex 14-3001tu 14-3001xx 14-3003tu

14-3004tu 14-3005tu 14-3006tu 14-3007tu 14-3008tu 14-3009tu 14-3010nr

14-3010tu 4-3011tu 14-3012tu 14-3013tu 4-3014tu 4-3015tu 14-3017nr

14-3017tu 14-3018tu 4-3070ez 14-3090ca 14-3090LA 14t-3000 SPECTRE CTO

HP SpectreXT Pro i5-3317U

HP SpectreXT Pro i5-3337U

HP SpectreXT Pro i5-3567U

HP SpectreXT Pro i7-3537U

HP Pavilion 14-b000

HP Pavilion 14-b002eo

HP Pavilion 14-b002sa

HP Pavilion 14-b002sx

HP Pavilion 14-b003ea

HP Pavilion 14-b003sa

HP Pavilion 14-b003tx

HP Pavilion 14-b004tx

HP Pavilion 14-b005ea

HP Pavilion 14-b005sa

HP Pavilion 14-b005tx

HP Pavilion 14-b006ea

HP Pavilion 14-b006sa

HP Pavilion 14-b006tx

HP Pavilion 14-b007sa

HP Pavilion 14-b008ea

HP Pavilion 14-b008sa

HP Pavilion 14-b010tx

HP Pavilion 14-b010us

HP Pavilion 14-b011tx

HP Pavilion 14-b013nr

HP Pavilion 14-b015dx

HP Pavilion 14-b016tu

HP Pavilion 14-b017nr

HP Pavilion 14-b017cl

HP Pavilion 14-b017tu

HP Pavilion 14-b021tx

HP Pavilion 14-b022tx

HP Pavilion 14-b026tu

HP Pavilion 14-b027tu

HP Pavilion 14-b027tx

HP Pavilion 14-b028tx

HP Pavilion 14-b029tx

HP Pavilion 14-b030et

HP Pavilion 14-b030st

HP Pavilion 14-b031us

HP Pavilion 14-b032tu

HP Pavilion 14-b033tx

HP Pavilion 14-b036tu

HP Pavilion 14-b037tu

HP Pavilion 14-b042tu

HP Pavilion 14-b048tu

HP Pavilion 14-b080br

HP Pavilion 14-b083eg

HP Pavilion 14-b090br

HP Pavilion 14-c010us

HP Pavilion 14-c035us

HP Pavilion 14-c000ed

HP Pavilion 14-b110us

HP Pavilion 14-b124us

HP Pavilion 14-b170us

HP Pavilion 14-b150us

HP Pavilion 14-b120dx

HP Pavilion 14-b173cl

HP Pavilion 15-b000

HP Pavilion 15-b000ed

HP Pavilion 15-b000ej

HP Pavilion 15-b000em

HP Pavilion 15-b000es

HP Pavilion 15-b000et

HP Pavilion 15-b000ev

HP Pavilion 15-b000sh

HP Pavilion 15-b000sm

HP Pavilion 15-b000sq

HP Pavilion 15-b001ee

HP Pavilion 15-b001ei

HP Pavilion 15-b001em

HP Pavilion 15-b001eo

HP Pavilion 15-b001eu

HP Pavilion 15-b001ev

HP Pavilion 15-b001se

HP Pavilion 15-b001sh

HP Pavilion 15-b001sia

HP Pavilion 15-b001sq

HP Pavilion 15-b001ss

HP Pavilion 15-b001su

HP Pavilion 15-b001tu

HP Pavilion 15-b002ed

HP Pavilion 15-b002ee

HP Pavilion 15-b002ej

HP Pavilion 15-b002ek

HP Pavilion 15-b002em

HP Pavilion 15-b002eq

HP Pavilion 15-b002ev

HP Pavilion 15-b002se

HP Pavilion 15-b002sh

HP Pavilion 15-b002sk

HP Pavilion 15-b002sm

HP Pavilion 15-b002sx

HP Pavilion 15-b002tu

HP Pavilion 15-b002tx

HP Pavilion 15-b003ee

HP Pavilion 15-b003eia

HP Pavilion 15-b003em

HP Pavilion 15-b003eu

HP Pavilion 15-b003ev

HP Pavilion 15-b003se

HP Pavilion 15-b003sh

HP Pavilion 15-b003sia

HP Pavilion 15-b003sm

HP Pavilion 15-b003sq

HP Pavilion 15-b003tu

HP Pavilion 15-b003tx

HP Pavilion 15-b004ev

HP Pavilion 15-b004tu

HP Pavilion 15-b152sg

HP Pavilion 15-b140us

HP Pavilion 15-b005ej

HP Pavilion 15-b005el

HP Pavilion 15-b005tu

HP Pavilion 15-b006ed

HP Pavilion 15-b006ee

HP Pavilion 15-b006eo

HP Pavilion 15-b006se

HP Pavilion 15-b007ee

HP Pavilion 15-b007se

HP Pavilion 15-b007sx

HP Pavilion 15-b008ee

HP Pavilion 15-b008se

HP Pavilion 15-b008tu

HP Pavilion 15-b008tx

HP Pavilion 15-b009ee

HP Pavilion 15-b009se

HP Pavilion 15-b009ss

HP Pavilion 15-b009tu

HP Pavilion 15-b010ej

HP Pavilion 15-b010es

HP Pavilion 15-b010et

HP Pavilion 15-b010ew

HP Pavilion 15-b010ss

HP Pavilion 15-b010st

HP Pavilion 15-b010sw

HP Pavilion 15-b010tu

HP Pavilion 15-b010tx

HP Pavilion 15-b010us

HP Pavilion 15-b011et

HP Pavilion 15-b011nr

HP Pavilion 15-b011st

HP Pavilion 15-b011tu

HP Pavilion 15-b012ee

HP Pavilion 15-b012nr

HP Pavilion 15-b012se

HP Pavilion 15-b012tu

HP Pavilion 15-b013ei

HP Pavilion 15-b013tu

HP Pavilion 15-b020et

HP Pavilion 15-b020ew

HP Pavilion 15-b020st

HP Pavilion 15-b020sw

HP Pavilion 15-b023cl

HP Pavilion 15-b025ec

HP Pavilion 15-b025sc

HP Pavilion 15-b027ec

HP Pavilion 15-b027el

HP Pavilion 15-b027sc

HP Pavilion 15-b030eb

HP Pavilion 15-b030ec

HP Pavilion 15-b030eg

HP Pavilion 15-b151sg

HP Pavilion 15-b030el

HP Pavilion 15-b032el

HP Pavilion 15-b033el

HP Pavilion 15-b035el

HP Pavilion 15-b036ez

HP Pavilion 15-b038ca

HP Pavilion 15-b040ep

HP Pavilion 15-b040sl

HP Pavilion 15-b040sp

HP Pavilion 15-b041eb

HP Pavilion 15-b041sb

HP Pavilion 15-b042sf

HP Pavilion 15-b043sf

HP Pavilion 15-b044sf

HP Pavilion 15-b045el

HP Pavilion 15-b045sf

HP Pavilion 15-b050ea

HP Pavilion 15-b050eb

HP Pavilion 15-b050el

HP Pavilion 15-b050ew

HP Pavilion 15-b050sa

HP Pavilion 15-b050sf

HP Pavilion 15-b050sr

HP Pavilion 15-b050sw

HP Pavilion 15-b051ea

HP Pavilion 15-b051el

HP Pavilion 15-b051er

HP Pavilion 15-b051sf

HP Pavilion 15-b051sr

HP Pavilion 15-b052ea

HP Pavilion 15-b052sa

HP Pavilion 15-b053ea

HP Pavilion 15-b053sr

HP Pavilion 15-b054sf

HP Pavilion 15-b055ca

HP Pavilion 15-b055er

HP Pavilion 15-b055sr

HP Pavilion 15-b058sr

HP Pavilion 15-b060sf

HP Pavilion 15-b061el

HP Pavilion 15-b061sf

HP Pavilion 15-b070ed

HP Pavilion 15-b070sl

HP Pavilion 15-b072ed

HP Pavilion 15-b076ed

HP Pavilion 15-b079er

HP Pavilion 15-b079sr

HP Pavilion 15-b086er

HP Pavilion 15-b086sr

HP Pavilion 15-b090sd CTO

HP Pavilion 15t-b000

HP Pavilion 15-b123nr

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65W Original Adapter for Notebook Hp Envy ultrabook 4 Series (19.5V 3.3A 4.8X1.7mm) *Gebruikt* Used [ORHP195333H48OU]
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